FIREFLY is proud to be environmentally conscience! Prior to owning FIREFLY, our owner Melissa was an Environmental Consultant for commercial businesses in the Northeast. She brings her life-long values of doing good by doing right to her approach in all businesses.

Some of the things FIREFLY is committed to doing right:

  • Minimize the use of disposable food service products: we use products that are made from bio-based or renewable resources and provide for recycling or composting of items
  • Recycle Grease: we recycle grease through a local collection facility
  • Recycle and Reduce Waste: we separate glass/metal/plastic/cardboard for recycling, and also source separate fluorescent bulbs, plastic film, batteries, and more. We donate or otherwise pass along anything that we no longer need but that still has a use to someone else. Plus we have a bin for recycling corks that customers can use!
  • Use Water Efficiently: we have plans in place to conserve water
  • Conserve Energy: we conserve energy by using programmable thermostats
  • Buy Local: We support local vendors for much of our food and beverage purchases, as well as merchandise and supplies. We consider the overall carbon footprint of items and seek to reduce that by buying items that have been transported less distance. Lucky for us, we have great farmers, brewers, and more in the area, and a farmers’ market one block away during the summer!