We take pride in being able to make nearly everything on our menu gluten-free! In most cases we can either substitute the bread or bun on sandwiches, or bake items instead of frying them since our fryer oil is not gluten-free (though it is a high-quality non-GMO sunflower oil). Most of our desserts baked in house are made with gluten-free flour. As for beverages, not only do we have many cider options, and a full liquor selection but we also carry bottles of Glutenberg gluten-free beer.

Paleo diets can also easily be accommodated. People with Celiac’s Disease should use caution as we cannot guarantee no cross-contamination in our kitchen.

Notable gluten-free item: We proudly offer rosemary Orange Dot major muffins as a bread option for sandwiches. Packed full of delicious ingredients, Orange Dot’s products are made in the same building! Talk about a low carbon footprint!

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